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Reshaping the future of diagnostics.


Leveraging RF technology and AI to advance pathologies research, revolutionizing disease understanding and patient care.

Healthcare Solutions

Transforming healthcare by developing fast and accessible diagnostics, powered by AI, for improved patient outcomes.


Our proprietary cutting-edge Radiofrequency technology aims to revolutionize diagnostics and enhance patient care.

Health for All

At Radiolife, we envision democratizing healthcare by making advanced diagnostics accessible to all, empowering better health decisions.

Our investigational diagnostic medical device has potential to deliver fast, accurate, and cost-effective results, allowing for earlier and more targeted interventions, which can ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.

Learn about our history

Sergio Schirmer, CEO Radiolife

Our Core Values

We are dedicated to impactful innovation that enhances lives and longevity. Our commitment to integrity fosters trust, while collaboration fuels creative solutions. With excellence as our benchmark, we champion diversity, inspire growth, and strive for advancements that fosters global healthcare.

How we will impact the world in the coming years

Our groundbreaking technology aims to accelerate disease detection, ensuring swift intervention. By enhancing accessibility to rapid diagnostics, Radiolife empowers timely treatments, positively impacting global healthcare outcomes and fostering healthier communities.

Investments and partnerships

Radiolife is proud to collaborate with esteemed partners, including healthcare institutions, research organizations, and visionary investors who share our mission. We seek like-minded partners and investors who resonate with our vision of revolutionizing diagnostics and improving patient outcomes. Together, we can drive innovation, expand our reach, and create lasting positive change in the field of healthcare.

Building innovation in the healthcare sector.

Radiolife pioneers transformative healthcare innovation by harnessing cutting-edge radio frequency technology and AI. Our diagnostic platform aims to offer swift, accessible, and accurate results, redefining patient care. Through strategic partnerships and research, we're shaping a future where healthcare diagnostics are efficient, precise, and universally accessible.

Transformation is born in research and never dies in solution.

Radiolife is at the forefront of healthcare innovation, driving transformative change through rigorous research and development. Our dedication to advancing diagnostic methodologies is reshaping healthcare practices, ensuring a future of more effective and precise medical insights.


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Get access in advance to news and updates about our research and launches.


Get access in advance to news and updates about our research and launches.

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“Radiolife have developed a technology that has the potential to revolutionize diagnostics. During the time I've worked with them in the Future of Healthcare Founder Residency at The Roux Institute, they've shown perseverance and business acumen. I'm excited to continue to support them in the future.”

Benjamin Chesler

Ecosystem Builder at The Roux Institute

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Our leadership structure

Sergio Ribeiro

2 MBAs.
Computer Science background.
15+ years of experience.

Willians Dias

Electrical Engineering background.
15+ years of experience.

Dr. Rodrigo Rodrigues

PhD at Vanderbilt University.
Professor of Immunology.
30+ years of experience.

Michelle McGuinness

20+ years of experience with regulatory compliance.

Leonardo Santander

Specialist in Branding and Strategic Positioning.
CEO and Co-Founder of Alomorfia.

Bridging Gaps in Healthcare.

Our breakthrough technology is poised to revolutionize diagnostics, especially for underserved communities. By providing accurate and accessible testing, we aim to empower those often left behind by traditional methods, ensuring equitable healthcare outcomes for all.

Advancing Inclusion in Healthcare.

Our cutting-edge technology is not just a diagnostic tool; it's a catalyst for inclusivity. By offering swift and affordable testing solutions, we are breaking down barriers to quality healthcare, contributing to a more equitable and accessible future for all.

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